Peter through the years

Peter was born and raised on the island of Texel. He attended the Jozefschool (primary education) and the RHBS (secondary education) in Den Burg.

In his younger years, he played football for the ‘Texelse Boys’. As a side job he delivered the Volkskrant, a Catholic newspaper for the Netherlands. In the mid-1960s he wrote for the school newspaper De Schakel and played bass guitar in The Markles, a popular beat group on the island.

At the age of 17 he moved to Amsterdam to study Political and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam; he wanted to become a journalist. He was affiliated to Discorsi, a student magazine and was invited to join the editorial staff of the university magazine Folia Civitatis. However, at the same time, he was also asked to become a student assistant at the research methods department led by Rob Mokken and Frans Stokman and chose this option.

How his academic career progressed (at the Free University of Amsterdam and then back to the University of Amsterdam again) can be viewed by clicking here. As his friends said: Peter wanted a career as a pop musician, but when that failed, he ended up becoming a full professor.